ZAP is an active duty Soldier in the US Army, exercise physiologist, and tech nerd who enjoys throwing around kettlebells, drinking coffee, and smoking fine cigars.

Willpower Snacks

Discipline Snack

Bottom Line Up Front: This is the summary and one major actionable take-away from another great Huberman Lab podcast about how to increase willpower and tenacity. Episode Summary As with all things from Andrew Huberman, you should listen to this…

Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Protein Ice Cream Ingredients

Bottom Line Up Front: I have created my own homemade protein ice cream recipe, which can only be described as a revolution in desserts. This post outlines how to make it and some pro tips for maximum effectiveness. History Trying…

Cardiovascular Endurance 101

Bottom Line Up Front: I get a lot of questions about “cardio” or hear someone say how they do “cardio” two times per week, but I don’t hear a lot of explaining about what that really means. This post will…