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Bottom Line Up Front: These are the podcasts I listen to each week for information and/or entertainment.


All of these can be found on podcast services like Stitcher or iTunes, or Android apps. The best Android app I have found is undoubtedly Doggcatcher. Well worth the  money for the quality. Easy downloading, great user interface, easy management.

Pro Tip: Some good apps have the ability to listen at an increased rate. I listen now at 1.5x speed. At that rate, you can listen to 30 minutes of audio in 20 minutes. It may sound funny to you at first, but slowly increase it until it is easy to understand. 1x speed sounds very slow to me now. Even a 1.2x or 1.3x you are able to listen to a lot more over time. 

I listen to every episode of these

Marketplace: Listen to this one every day for 20 minutes of news, mostly focused on finances.

Hardcore History: Most entertaining, thought-provoking podcast I have ever heard. Dan Carlin is a master. If you are taking a road trip or want to listen to something like an audio book, this is it. I listened to many hours of these in between current news/information podcasts that have a usefulness to their timeliness. I listened to every free one I could. He has the last 20 or 30 that are free then they are pay for download after that. I listened to every free one. This podcast has been recommended on so many other podcasts, it is insane.

Common Sense: Dan Carlin again, but instead of history, it is a look at current news. Comes out once a month so they are great each time. Archives are worth the time.

This Week in Tech (TWiT): Keeps you updated on current tech.

MeatEater Podcast: If you are into hunting or interesting in hunting or the outdoors, Steve Rinella is a treasure trove of information and entertainment. The first 10 episodes are almost audio versions of his books, which are great also. Start at episode 1. You are welcome.

Freakonomics: Just like the books, these podcasts take a look at social things through an economist’s lens. Books and podcast are highly recommended.

Meet The Press: Audio version of the NBC show. Have to keep up with current politics/news. More domestic US focus.

Fareed Zakaria GPS: Audio version of the CNN show. Lot of international focused news/insights.

Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show: Best strength and conditioning podcast out there.

RadioLab: Very interesting look at a whole range of topics.

Revisionist History: This is Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast. Like all his books, these podcasts are gold.


I listen to these as I have time/if one interests me

Paleo Solution: The new ones are good, but the old ones are where the money is at. Robb stopped answering the same things over and over so he adjusted the format for more guests and interviews. The earlier ones get into great detail on fitness. I listened to episodes 100-200 before I listened to a new one (it was in the early 200s when I started listening regularly) to catch up. There is a link to five foundation podcasts right at the top of this page to listen to. If you have the time and energy, listen to the old ones first.

This American Life: Range of interesting topics that are always great. Every one is a gem even though the title may sound weird.

The Tim Ferriss Show: Tim gets into a lot of tech, philosophy, productivity, life lessons each episode. Most episodes are interviews with very interesting people. Ferriss asks them very basic questions about themselves to get a deeper insight into who they are, what they do, and why.

Joe Rogan Experience: Highly entertaining podcast with a lot of information coming down at the same time. Joe Rogan is surprisingly into health and fitness, way more than you would believe if you didn’t know him. A lot of this is pure comedy, but Joe gets into real subjects in addition to just being entertaining. Recommend you look for episodes with Dan Carlin, Steve Rinella, and Kelly Starrett (there are a few with Dan and Steve – all great).

Ted Radio Hour: Cool compilation of TED Talks that focus on a topic spliced together with commentary.

The Art of Manliness Podcast: Wide array of topics from lifestyle to lifting weights.

Katy Says Podcast: Biomechanist Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement has a smart look at the physical world and your body in each episode. Ton of great information.

EconTalk: If you are into economics or interest looks at different problems, you will like this. Potentially nerdy but very good.

Waking Up with Sam Harris: Philosopher Sam Harris’ interviews or thoughts on various topics.


QUESTION: Do you have a good podcast we need to check out? Post thoughts to comments.