Mission Capable Audio (My Recommended Podcasts)

Bottom Line Up Front: These are the podcasts I listen to for information and/or entertainment. I keep this post updated so it always reflects my current listening habits.


This post was originally written in 2014 and has been updated as of December 2022.

All of these shows can be found on podcast services like Spotify, Stitcher, or Apple Music. The best Android app I have found is undoubtedly Doggcatcher. Well worth the  money for the quality. Easy downloading, great user interface, easy management.

Pro Tip: Some good apps have the ability to listen at an increased rate. I listen now at 1.8x speed. At that rate, you can listen to 30 minutes of audio in 17 minutes. It may sound funny to you at first, but slowly increase it until it is easy to understand. 1x speed sounds very slow to me now. Even at 1.2x or 1.3x you are able to listen to a lot more over time. 

I listen to every episode of these

Marketplace: I listen to this one every day for news, mostly focused on the economy and stock market.

Jocko Podcast: Leadership, military stories/history, getting after it from a retired SEAL. You can absolutely listen to back episodes, which I did when I got into it.

Animal Spirits: Markets, life, and investing. Arguably my favorite right now. It’s mostly about investing with pop culture mixed in, so if you are into that, you will love it.

The Compound and Friends: Same type of podcast as Animal Spirits. Markets mostly, very fun and informative.

Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show: One of the best strength and conditioning podcast out there. Mostly about training for performance with some health and fitness mixed in.

All-In Podcast: Group of four friends who are famous/semi-famous in Silicon Valley and investing with a lot of interesting takes on markets, politics, etc.

The Healthy Rebellion Radio: Robb Wolf of the Paleo Solution’s new podcast. Excellent nutrition, health and wellness information each episode.

Meet The Press: Audio version of the NBC show. Have to keep up with current politics/news. More domestic US focus.

Fareed Zakaria GPS: Audio version of the weekly CNN show. Lot of international focused news/insights.

I listen to these as I have time/if one interests me

Joe Rogan Experience: Highly entertaining podcast with a lot of information coming down at the same time. Joe Rogan is surprisingly into health and fitness, way more than you would believe if you didn’t know him. A lot of this is pure comedy, but Joe gets into real subjects in addition to just being entertaining.

MeatEater Podcast: If you are into hunting or interesting in hunting or the outdoors, Steve Rinella is a treasure trove of information and entertainment. The first 10 episodes are almost audio versions of his books, which are great also. Start at episode 1. You are welcome.

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast: Ben probably puts out the most and best free content you can find. He is extraordinarily informed. This podcast is a gold mine. I listen to the Q&A every time and then occasional ones with guests based on who it is.

EconTalk: If you are into economics or interest looks at different problems, you will like this. Potentially nerdy but very good.

Huberman Lab: Andrew Huberman does an amazing job bringing relevant scientific information to make you healthier and happier all for free.

Lex Friedman Podcast: Long form interviews like Rogan does. Very interesting and diverse topics. I love the depth he gets into each time. Due to length, I have to be selective which I listen to. These are great for long trips in the car or on an airplane when you can devote 2-3 hours to one uninterrupted. Almost like an audio book.

Found My Fitness: Dr. Rhonda Patrick goes super deep into the science in these episodes, so buckle up if you get into one. When she does one in particular that interests me, I always listen.

Freakonomics: Just like the books, these podcasts take a look at social things through an economist’s lens. Books and podcast are highly recommended.

QUESTION: Do you have a good podcast we need to check out? Post thoughts to comments.


  1. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Well thought-out, science-based approach to headline-grabbing stories.

    On the Media. An NPR show, a look at how major media outlets cover stories in the news.

    The Week Ahead. The Economist’s 8-10 minute look at events coming up in the next seven days, and their implications.

    Diane Rehm. Also an NPR product, daily panel of experts on a wide range of topics. The Friday News Roundup is a weekly two-hour wrap-up of domestic and international news.

    The BJ Shea Morning Experience. Morning drive-time radio from Seattle. Basically, guys being guys for two hours.

    Skeptoid. 10-20 minute skeptical look at topics from pop-culture.

    • Rusty, you are absolutely right! I love Jocko on Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan. I should be listening to this one. Subscribing now. Thanks!

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