ZAP is an active duty Soldier in the US Army, exercise physiologist, and tech nerd who enjoys throwing around kettlebells, drinking coffee, and smoking fine cigars.

Fitbit Charge 3 Review

Bottom Line Up Front: The Fitbit Charge 3 is the best fitness tracking device on the market today. I highly recommend it for a certain demographic. Background I just wrote a review of the Garmin Instinct, which I bought at…

Garmin Instinct Review

Bottom Line Up Front: Garmin has hit a home run with its newest offering. It is a thoughtful combination of many watches/devices I own. I highly recommend it for a specific demographic. Here is my Garmin Instinct review. My (abbreviated)…

What I’m Up To Now, January 2019

This post and the entire series highlight what I am doing/using/thinking as of right now in the areas of fitness & technology. If you care to compare or read the other posts in this series, refer to the category What I’m Up… Box Weight Vest Review

Bottom Line Up Front: The Box Weight Vest is a great option for those seeking to add additional resistance to their bodyweight for a variety of purposes. I recommend it. The Research and Options I already had a good…