ZAP is an active duty Soldier in the US Army, exercise physiologist, and tech nerd who enjoys throwing around kettlebells, drinking coffee, and smoking fine cigars.

Updates for 16 Nov 2014

The site is still in its infancy. I am setting the foundation and will keep populating it over time. Follow me on the social media platform of your choice and check out the content already up! Contact me with questions,…

A Definition of Physical Fitness

Bottom Line Up Front: Physical fitness is measured by how well you look, feel, and perform (as Robb Wolf loves to say). Your physical fitness will be influenced by four things: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and Activity. Note that I didn’t list…

Building the Garage Gym

Bottom Line Up Front: I have gone to a gym to workout most of my life. I would occasionally exercise without a gym, but once I got into CrossFit in 2008, it became a necessity to have not only a…

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Bottom Line Up Front: Heart rate variability (HRV) will let you understand the impact of your training on the health of your system. The more your heart rate varies from beat to beat, the better your system is sitting.  When your…

A Definition of Fitness

Bottom Line Up Front: Fitness is the ability of an organism to survive. This is a very Darwinian view, but it gets to the root of the idea quickly: fitness relates to survivability directly. Those that are fit not only…

A Definition of Mission Capable

This article will cover what it is to be mission capable, how to determine your mission, and then how to determine your mission essential task list. This will give you the tools to determine if you are mission capable.

Mission Capable Web Sites

Bottom Line Up Front: These are the sites/blogs that I read every day. They allow me to get a full picture of tech, gear, fitness, and productivity news.