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Bottom Line Up Front: These are the sites/blogs that I read every day. They allow me to get a full picture of tech, gear, fitness, and productivity news.


I don’t actually go to any of the sites themselves very often because I read them in RSS format. RSS feeds can be easily collated by a number of websites and apps to get them all in one place. The best RSS reader I have found is Feedly. Great Android app and also has a great web-based interface for collecting different feeds to read. Easy to use and syncs across devices so you mark something are read one place, it is read on every device. FYI: You can follow this site using an RSS reader with this URL.


Mark’s Daily Apple: Best single fitness resource out there today.  Mark Sisson continues to set the standard.  Mark puts out a once-a-week Weekend Love Link each weekend with a collection of his work and other things around the internet worth your time.  If you read one thing each week, it would be this!  Example here.

Robb Wolf: Robb is one of my heroes. Online library is full of great articles for free.

Chris Kresser:  Great detail and science into nutrition/health.

MobilityWoD: Kelly Starrett was always present in the CrossFit scene talking about mobility, but his knowledge has taken a step into the mainstream with books and appearances on various forms of media.

Katy Says:  Katy is a biomechanist and expert on movement.  Great articles and books on making your body work the right way.


LifeHacker: Eclectic collection of tech news, gear reviews, productivity tricks, etc.

Engadget: Tech news basics.

The Wirecutter: Product reviews bible, mostly tech. Before you buy anything go here.


Rogue Fitness. Rogue gear is top notch, highest quality, and made in Ohio by real people committed to fitness.  I own several thousand dollars worth. I can attest to its quality. Worth every penny!


FiveThirtyEight: Site started by Nate Silver. Takes statistical/economic look at life. Much like Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell books, if you are into that sort of thing as I am.

Art of Manliness: They come up with some very cool things on a wide array of subjects from cooking to jiu-jitsu to camping to grooming to cold showers.  You will be surprised by the quality.

The Blog of Tim Ferris: From the Author of the Four Hour Work Week, Body, and Chef.  Time gets into great detail on a lot of smart things from investing to tech to life (I recommended his podcast in the Audio section for the same reasons).


QUESTION: Do you have any sites you visit regularly that aren’t on my list? Post thoughts to comments.

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