M:C News for 11 Jan 2015


I reorganized the site a bit. I basically put content posts into one of two categories: Articles or Straight Shots. Articles are longer, usually 500 words or more. Straight Shots are shorter. They will be things like links, recommendations, interesting videos, etc. that I want to share that don’t require a complete article. There are still “news” category posts like this as well as “What I’m Up To Now” category posts which highlight what I am personally doing about being mission capable.

I wrote a new Straight Shot yesterday about fish oil. All the Straight Shots can be found here.

I also relooked all the posts for tags. I made a concerted effort to make it easy to find what you are looking for based on topic using the tags. By using the sidebar on each post, you can see the topics (tags) that are present on the site. It will let you search the posts by topic much more easily.

Contact me with any questions or comments.

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