This section will be a combination of blog posts, articles, and other items from me as well as around the internet. Use the menus on the side or bottom of each post to navigate through the posts by category, date, and tag as you are reading.

New here? If you are new to this site, read the foundations series of articles first and explore from there based on your interest.


Foundations: This is a series of articles that are the stage-setters for the entire theme of this site.
  • Manifesto: A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer (as per Wikipedia). This is mine.
  • Fitness: A look into my definition.
  • Physical Fitness: Details on nutrition, sleep, stress, and activity.
  • Mission Capable: This article covers what it is to be mission capable, how to determine your mission, and then how to determine your mission essential task list. This will give you the tools to determine if you are mission capable.
The Circle of Trust: These are the major recommendations for things I have found most useful such as podcasts, YouTube channels, books, web sites, and gear. I trust all of these sources implicitly due to a past record of performance.