Training Plan Refresh


If you have already purchased a training plan, get another 12 weeks of programming (three four-week blocks) based on the original plan without having to purchase a whole new one.


The Training Plan Refresh will take the original training program you purchased and refresh it by giving you some variations of sets, reps, intensity, duration, and type while keeping the original intent intact. This is for someone whose MISSION: Capable training plan is working but isn’t comfortable programming any changes on their own after the first few months. I will ask for your feedback on the original routine then send you back another 12 weeks of training broken into three four-week cycles.

I have followed the same training framework for years at a time with minor adjustments every few months. The Training Plan Refresh is for those who are looking to follow that path.

This isn’t a new routine, just a variation, so if you have different goals, training time has changed (up or down), or some other variable, you may need a new plan entirely.


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