Custom Diet Plan


A customized personal diet plan based on your individual goals and lifestyle.

Do you want to be as healthy as possible as you enter your 40s? Lose fat/retain muscle or get huge to prepare for college football? Training for a specific event such as a marathon and need a diet that supports your training?  Do you want to be 8% bodyfat or are you comfortable at 15% with a more flexible eating plan? Do you prefer guidelines or do you need a specific prescription of foods to eat each day? No problem!

Finding the best way to eat through trial and error is difficult, time consuming, and frustrating for most people. With a custom diet plan, I will take every aspect of you into consideration and develop a plan that fits your lifestyle and unique goals.

I have spent time in classrooms at the undergraduate and graduate level, read books, read articles, listened to podcasts, and experimented on myself, clients, friends, and family for more than 30 years. Let me prepare a diet for you that will get you to accomplish your mission!

The Process

The first step in the process of developing your personalized diet is to fill out a thorough intake form, which will allow me to get to know you before I prescribe anything. It will take into account such things as your age, physical fitness level, medical considerations, physical limitations, short-term and long-term goals, current diet, supplements, time available to train, and access to equipment. I will also ask you about your dietary history, food allergies, foods you like or dislike, methods of food preparation available, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Once I have all this information and have clarified any questions through email, I will prepare your plan. It will have a template which will outline the overall breakdown of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber per day. It will include three weeks of daily examples

Then you will receive the plan via email. You are given one clarifying email to ask any questions you have.

Finally, you will execute the plan!

Is this a permanent or temporary plan? How long do I stay on it?

  • The plan I will develop for you isn’t an “8 weeks to ripped abs” crash diet (unless you ask for that!), so you can continue to stay on it for a very long time, adjusting it slightly to accommodate changes in your body.
  • If it was to prepare for a specific event, it may make sense to transition to a more sustainable plan once the event has happened.
  • If your goals change sufficiently (from fat loss to performance, for example), it also may be wise to look for a new plan.


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