M:C News for 20 SEP 2015


A little news update for you on this NFL week 2 weekend!

First, our readership keeps growing. We have new SITREP subscribers every week (if you aren’t one, get on board here!) and site visitors continue to grow as well. Interestingly, the most popular article is the 10,000 Swings Challenge. It gets hundreds of hits each week from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! searches with zero advertising.

Second, I have posted new articles on a lot of topics from tech, to nutrition, to book reviews, to training cycle reviews. You can review all the posts here. I am truly happy to have had my first guest post by Carly about essential oils. I got on board quickly with lavendar and ChinaGel!

Finally, I am looking for feedback on the site: design, content, post requests, SITREP reviews, social media, etc. Please let me know your thoughts. It helps create meaningful content.

As the site continues to grow and we spread the word, I ask that you share it with those you know who may be interested.


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