Thoughts and Explanation of New Programming Template, March 2017

After my last post about a way ahead using kettlebells regularly each session without it having to be part of a 10,000 swing challenge, I realized this is exactly what Pavel had described in his Simple & Sinister book. Short summary of the book, which you should still read by the way, is 100 swings and 10 Turkish get-ups (TGUs) each session as the program minimum. This was right in line with what I was thinking of doing, so I went right back to where I had been a few years ago after first having read the book.

Normally I don’t post program templates like this until after I do them, but in this case, I wanted to share it prior for comments or for others to try something like this at the same time. Here is the plan for the next 30-90 days, at least my initial plan. We all know no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

This duck has nothing to do with the article. I couldn’t think of a good image to use, so I decided this would be funny.

Program Outline & Guidance

  • Perform S&S inspired 100 swings and 10 TGUs each workout.
  • 100 swings will be performed in 10 sets of 10 using varied KB weights, one arm and two arm swings.
  • TGUs will be 5 each arm (alternating or all in a row are OK).
  • All swings and TGUs will be done before moving on to additional workouts.
  • Add in a second workout rotation of 5 additional objectives after S&S as follows:
    • Session 1: Strength (minimum of one push, pull, squat movement for 3-5 sets of 1-5 reps)
    • Session 2: Short-term conditioning & muscular endurance (10-20 minutes in length)
    • Session 3: Chassis integrity (chassis basically = core)
    • Session 4: Cardiovascular endurance
    • Session 5: Carries, Odd object use (sandbags, steel mace, club bell, etc.)
  • There is no requirement on numbers of days per week. Just rotate through these in order to ensure well rounded in the major areas of physical fitness.
  • Objective overall is maintain/improve general physical preparedness (GPP).

Example of Workouts

  • Session 1
    • 10 sets of 10 of one arm swings with 70lb KBs
    • 10 TGUs w/70lbs (left, right, left right, etc.)
    • 3 sets of 5 back squats (squat)
    • 3 sets of 5 weighted pull-ups (pull)
    • 3 sets of 5 overhead barbell presses (push)
  • Session 2
    • 5 sets of 10 one arm swings w/70lbs, then 3 sets of 10 two hand swings w/88lbs, 2 sets of 10 two hand swings w/103 lbs
    • 5 TGU w/70lbs left arm, 5 with right arm
    • As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 25 push-ups, 20 air squats, 5 pistols
  • Session 3
    • 10 sets of 10 two hand swings w/88lbs
    • 3 TGU w/left arm, 3 w/right arm, 2 with left, 2 with right w/70lbs
    • 5 rounds of 10 toes to bar, 10 slashers-to-halo, 10 sandbag keg lifts, 60-second plank
  • Session 4
    • 10 sets of 10 two hand swings w/103lbs
    • 10 alternating TGUs w/88lbs
    • 30-minute run
  • Session 5
    • 10 sets of 10 one arm swings w/53lbs
    • 5 right, 5 left arm TGUs w/55lbs (no rest, all in a row)
    • 20 minutes of overhead carries, front rack carries, suitcase carries, mace swings, ball slams or throws

Way Ahead

This initial plan may get modified or adjusted on the fly, but I think it is solid and looks fun. 100 swings and 10 TGUs really takes 10 minutes max, so this isn’t a huge time commitment. I will post thoughts and after action review when I have useful information.

Any thoughts? Questions? Want to join me? If so, put it in the comments below and/or email me your feedback for potential inclusion into the article a few months down the road.


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