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Bottom Line Up Front: Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners is an excellent introduction to yoga.


Just like with walking, I had yoga in the category of “slightly useful but not for people like me (hardcore!)”. After hearing enough respected athletes talk about the benefits of yoga and a little maturing on my part, I decided I wanted to learn how. After trying to find some videos online for free, I decided I should do it right and either find a studio for in-person instruction or get a DVD. In the middle of the Mid-west United States, yoga studios aren’t as easy to come by as you’d think (shocking, right?). I felt comfortable enough with myself physically to learn by DVD. I asked a trusted yoga practitioner friend for a recommendation. She recommended Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners. It was only 10 dollars. Sold.

I just finished some yoga practice and I went straight to the blog to recommend it you. As someone who had basically no formal familiarity with yoga, this DVD was able to get me through the introductory stage. To me, that means finding out if I really enjoy Yoga or not. For 10 dollars and a few hours practice, I could determine if buying other supplies are worth it. Did you know there are yoga mats, blocks, straps, and blankets let along clothes specific to yoga practice? Mats go from 10 dollars to 200 dollars. I really did enjoy it and got some good blocks and a strap after a few weeks of using just the DVD.

For me, these practices aren’t hard enough I would call them “workouts” meaning I could easily do any of these before or after my planned training without a problem. Based on your physical fitness level though, they could be. I do them mostly on recovery days. I just did the flexibility practice after a workout with weights for example. I find them to be relaxing and definitely not simple. Many of the poses and positions challenge me. Rodney offers ways to modify the position if you cannot achieve his insane ranges of motion.

If you are thinking of trying yoga at home try this DVD before you go out and get any gear. You will only need a place to do it and a strap (can be a belt or some 6-foot piece of cord honestly). There are four different practices and enough variety to make it interesting. I recommend you watch it once going about half speed because it is hard to pay attention to what they are doing on the screen and what you are doing if you don’t know the moves. If you do it sort of at a crawl pace, you will be familiar with it when you go through it again. The four practices are narrated (I assume by Rodney…) as he moves from one pose to the next, all in one take. They don’t spend 5 minutes going over a single position. They take you through a very basic practice for about 25 minutes.

You can get the DVD from Amazon for $9.99 as of today. If your interest in yoga is still there after trying these, you can move to harder practices on DVD or find yourself a studio. Namaste.

*Please note I am an Amazon associates member so if you buy the DVD through a link on this page, I will get a commission of a few percent of the order to support this site. I would never recommend something just to make money. I have another job.



    • Matty, glad the recommendation was useful. After a month of this I moved on to some more complex YouTube stuff. Enjoy!

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