Consulting – Three Consultation Package


Package of three personal email consultations.  You ask as many questions as you want. I answer them.


This is a package of three consultations done via email. It’s useful for someone with specific questions such as how much protein to consume, how often to train, how to train around an injury, if a certain supplement is worth the money, or how to prepare for a specific event such as a competition or evaluation. Do not expect to get a full training program or diet back in response, but you could expect to learn how many days to train, how much training volume to use, how many calories to consume, which supplements may best support your training, etc. Ask me anything you want in my area of expertise. If I can’t provide a thorough, informed response, I will let you know, but if it’s health and fitness related, I am sure I will have something to offer.

You can use the three consultations whenever you want. I recommend once every 4-6 weeks to check back in, visit your training, diet, sleep, supplements, etc., get some status checks and guidance, and ask any new questions that have arisen.

This consultation is ideal for the person comfortable with training and diet but looking to get precise answers to get the information they need to make their own decisions.

The Process

  1. After ordering, you will get an email address where you can send your questions and explain any background information I need.
  2. I will respond after evaluating and researching the best answers.
  3. You get one follow-up email in which you can seek any clarifications in any of the answers I have provided.
  4. I will respond to any final questions you have.
  5. Then you get after it!
  6. If you have more consultations left in your package, whenever you are ready, send me the next email and we will go through it again.

Note: I am not a doctor and will not offer medical advice. If a question gets into the medical realm, I will decline to answer it.


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