M:C News for 9 October 2016


I looked back now and realized I haven’t done a news post in about a year. No excuse. Guess I was busy.

I just recently posted some significant articles that get into some major concepts. Specifically:

Thoughts on Current Physical Fitness Training Program, July 2016

What I’m Up To, June 2016

The Framework Exercise Program

Those 3 posts capture the best of what I am doing, how I construct programs, and some background info into all of it. These ideas are the results of 20+ years of exercise and nutrition reading and personal research. I hope you can take something good from them.

I am sending the Weekly SITREP to hundreds of people every week now. I hope those of you who are subscribers are enjoying it, even if it’s one small thing each week.

I have been trying to use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter strategically and not over-posting. I hope it is the right amount. If you aren’t following, please take a look.

I am finishing a very detailed post on my packing list for my elk hunt following the AAR. For those outdoor enthusiasts, you will get into it.

I am also going to do an article about CrossFit, specifically about my thoughts about what it is and where I think people are just confused. Kind of a pet peeve of mine.

I am always looking for feedback, so if there is something you want to see, let me know.


Yours in health,


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