Leadership on Tap Podcast Interview

Bottom Line Up Front: I was interviewed recently for the Leadership on Tap podcast. I had a great time with Mike and Tristan talking over fitness and the military. If you are interested, listen to the interview and read more about Leadership on Tap. The site has a lot of useful resources and many other excellent podcast episodes.


Here are the show notes:

  • Why he started Be Mission Capable and what he shares on his blog
  • How sleep, stress, nutrition, and activity are closely tied together
  • Why almost everything we think we know about fitness is wrong
  • The most important decisions you can make right now to achieve peak physical fitness
  • Why the Army has it backwards when it comes to nutrition
  • How he was able to innovate outside the lines while in command
  • Why sitting is actually killing you and what you can do about it
  • Useful resource – writing your own user manual as outlined on The Military Leader Blog
  • And much more!

Listen here.

QUESTION: Is there anything we discussed that would be something you’d like to see addressed in a future post or a follow-up podcast? Post thoughts to comments.

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