The Best Coffee Mug I Have Ever Used


They routinely do the Top 5 over at (or one of their other sister sites) where they will ask for recommendations and let people vote on a top 5 then top 1 item. I needed a new travel mug so I checked out a few based on their Top 5 Travel Mugs and picked the Contigo Autoseal. It is amazing and my new favorite thing. I hate cold coffee or tea and this delivers, almost too well.

A few notes:

  • It keeps things as hot as they are when they go in, so if you put something in nearly boiling, it will come out nearly boiling for a while. Normally you just let it sit for a few minutes and figure it has cooled down. I don’t know what new technology they have going here, but this thing will keep it at almost the same temperature for 20 or 30 minutes. Use with caution – no, really.
  • There are a bunch of warnings about not putting it up to your mouth until you release the valve to let go of the pressure built up. I learned the hard way that this is very important. I got a good burn on my chest from hot coffee because I didn’t listen.
  • I thought it would be annoying to have to hold a button to release the value to drink, but it isn’t at all. Keeping it all air tight is not only great for spillage but for keeping its contents warm (or cold).
  • I used it with ice water and the ice stayed in there for much longer than I would have thought. Definitely keeps things cold as well as it does hot.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • No matter how hot or cold it is inside, the mug is easy to hold. It stays fairly constant to the touch somehow.
  • I have a Hydro Flask also which is one of the other top 5 and it isn’t that great. It drips constantly because you have to open and close the top. When it flips open, the liquid residue rolls down the back. It is so aggravating.

You can get it at Amazon as well as in person at a lot of places. I chose the 16 oz. which is perfect for me. No regrets. If you need a lot of coffee at once, get the 20 oz.

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