3 Podcasts for Holiday Downtime

Bottom Line Up Front: Here are 3 podcasts episodes to maximize some holiday downtime you may have. For me that means driving across three states or walking my dog. You can listen right in your browser now or you can download them for offline consumption.


1. The Tim Ferriss Podcast, Episode 50: Dr. Peter Attia

This was one of the best I have listened to in a long time. Tim and Dr. Attia gets into some good detail about a lot of really interesting ideas such as:

  • Ketosis vs ketoacidosis  as well as exogenous ketones for performance
  • Changing from training for performance to training for longevity (life quality) as one ages
  • Meditation lessons learned
  • Effects of ultra endurance exercise on blood work
  • Cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and neurodegenerative disease

2. Paleo Solution Podcast (Robb Wolf), Episode 247 – Travis Christofferson – Metabolic Theory of Cancer

What struck me most about this one was the discussion about how cancer treatments are essentially failing. We have looked at it from the perspective of a genetic disease for so long that no one has looked at it as a metabolic disease at all. It may be that we are approaching the problem the wrong way.

3. Carbs & Alzheimer’s: Separating Fact From Fiction from Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio

This episode gets into way more than just Alzheimer’s, which is still an interesting topic. Highlights:

  • He discusses the roots of the diseases of civilization (processed & refined foods – shocker…) such as Alzheimer’s
  • He discusses that food quality is far more important than macronutrient quantity
  • He shows how things that can be used to treat something aren’t the cause of it. Example is that gluten avoidance helps people with celiac, but the gluten didn’t cause it in the first place.
  • He talks about using a ketogenic diet to help Alzheimer’s (while curbing carbs may help it, he posits they weren’t the cause)

* Pro Tip: Many podcast apps for your phone or tablet will allow you to play at faster than regular (1x) speed. I use Doggcatcher for Android. I play at 1.4x which means I listen to 14 minutes of audio in 10. When you listen to a lot of podcasts, this saves a lot of time. Find the speed that sounds right for you. Initially I had to adjust to it because it seemed too fast, but now it sounds normal (and regular sounds WAY too slow).


QUESTION: What did you think about these episodes? Any major points stick out to you? Come back after listening to post thoughts to comments.

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