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We all have different missions in life. We all have different goals. Some people want to be self-sufficient in their old age; some want to be military special operators; some just want to look and feel good as they approach mid-life.

Military units train to accomplish their mission. We should do the same as individuals. Being mission capable means you can accomplish your mission, which means to live the life you want to live. The goal is to get to mission capable and continue to thrive through constant improvement.

About This Site

This is a free resource for anyone wishing to perform to their highest potential based on their mission. It is a compilation of many schools of thought on nutrition, activity, strength and conditioning, stress management, sleep, tech, gear, productivity and other topics that I have found successful over the years. The information will be both from other sources as well as some original content from me. The combination and curation of it will be unique. I will do my best to keep this site simple without cluttering it with every single piece of information I can add. Anything on here is worth your time in my opinion. Its use has no strings attached. I am just trying to inform people of things I have found successful.

Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate member, which means if you buy something after clicking to their site through this one, I get a small commission. This isn’t meant to be a business for me, just a way to pay some bills that go into running a site like this (domain registration, hosting fees, etc.). I would never recommend something just to make money. I tell you so that there is no confusion as to my motives at any time.

About Me

I am an active duty US Army Soldier, exercise physiologist, and tech nerd who has taken the advice of others, read a lot, and experimented to make improvements in my fitness and life. I hope to share the smart things I have read and offer some opinions of my own with this site.

The series “What I’m Up To Now” will be kept current to show what I am doing in my personal life. A lot of it would be things I recommend you do too.

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I recommend first reading the foundations series of articles below. They are the stage-setters for the entire theme of this site. Once you are done, visit the Read page. It will show you how to read based on date, topics, category, or to search the site on your own.

  • Manifesto: A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer (as per Wikipedia). This is mine.
  • Fitness: A look into my definition.
  • Physical Fitness: Details on nutrition, sleep, stress, and activity.
  • Mission Capable: This article covers what it is to be mission capable, how to determine your mission, and then how to determine your mission essential task list. This will give you the tools to determine if you are mission capable.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at any time.